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To learn more about the following items for sale, please contact me at 603-746-4568 (home), 603-496-7929 (cell), or



Here is a selection of items I have for sale at Keepers Antiques.  Additional individual items are shown below.






Stoneware Churn: This churn, made by Haxston and Co, Fort Edward, NY, is in excellent condition and is beautifully decorated.  The stoneware is 15 inches tall.  Price:  $775






Hanging Cupboard: This cupboard retains its original grain-painted surface.  It is 25 inches wide, 24.5 inches tall and 12 inches deep.  Price:  $2800



Flattie Decoys: These shore birds are in original paint and show evidence that they were shot over.  They display well set in the driftwood.  They are 12 inches tall.  Price:  $650



Game Rack and Utensils: This bold game rack holds a collection of wrought iron cooking utensils.  The rack is 27.5 inches wide.   Price for rack and utensils:  $1050



Spice Drawers: This set of drawers is in its original paint and is circa 1840.  The drawers are dovetailed.  It is 20.5 inches wide.  Price:  $1950


Silhouette in Decorated Frame: This charming hollow-cut silhouette is in a very nicely decorated frame.  The sitter is identified on the back as Fannie Wald West.  Price:  $550




Gameboard: This board is crisp and colorful.  It is 16 inches by 14 inches.  Price:  $795



Whimsical Broom: This very folky broom has lots of character and is carefully carved.  It is 22 inches tall.  Price:  $525



Bell Trade Sign: This sign is 3-dimensional and covered with gold leave.  It is 17 inches tall.  Price:  $675



Crib Quilt: This colorful crib quilt is quilted with many hearts.  It is 30 inches square.  Price:  $295