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To learn more about the following items for sale, please contact me at 603-746-4568 (home), 603-496-7929 (cell), or



Here is a selection of items I have for sale at Keepers Antiques.  Additional individual items are shown below.







Painted Bucket: This early blue milk bucket retains its original paint.  It is 15 inches to the top of the handle.  Price:  $850



Linen Homespun Bag: This early linen bag is a great size at 56 inches by 19.5 inches.  It is embroidered in one corner.  Price:  $120




Hartford, CT Stoneware: This piece of stoneware has a clear makerŐs mark of H.C. Webster & Son.  It is 12.25 inches tall.  Price:  $350





Welcome Rug: This hooked welcome mat is very charming and it is professionally mounted for hanging.  It is 35 inches wide.  Price:  $650



Bridge Lamp: It is unusual to find a double bridge lamp.   This one is complete with shades.  It is 62 inches tall.  Price:  $325



Clock Shelf: This very folky clock shelf has its original red paint.  It is 43 inches tall.  Price:  $2700



Basket: This early basket has a very graceful shape.  It is 16.5 inches tall counting the handle.  Price:  $575



Shaker Boxes: These painted Shaker boxes are priced separately but look great together.  One is 9 inches long and the other is 11.5 inches long.  Price:  $950 each



Watercolor of Girl: This is a carefully painted watercolor on ivory of a young girl.  It contains a lock of hair in the back and is 1.5 inches high, not counting the loop.  Price:  $950




Redware Jar: This jar has great glaze and is possibly Gonic.  It is 9 inches tall.  Price:  $450