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To learn more about the following items for sale, please contact me at 603-746-4568 (home), 603-496-7929 (cell), or



Here is a selection of items I have for sale at Keepers Antiques.  Additional individual items are shown below.







Bucket Bench: This green painted bucket bench has its original paint and is made with great detail.  It is both dovetailed and mortised and has nicely shaped sides with molding running down the front; see second picture.  It is 37.5 inches wide.  Price:  $1700




Yellowware Bowls from the Sally Whittemore Collection: This set of six bowls is in wonderful condition and from a renown collection.  They have their auction label to authenticate them.  They are 5 inches in diameter.  Price for all six:  $295



Early Pockets:


The left-hand pocket is pieced calico and has a tightly braided tie.  It was purchased at the Berdan sale and is 12.25 inches long.  Price:  $495


The right-hand pocket is a Deerfield pocket with wool yarn embroidered on linen.  It has a printed linen binding and a hand-loomed tape tie.  It is 16.5 inches long.  Price:  $950



Bed Post Doll: This is an early wooden doll with an expressive primitive carved face and a dry surface.  It is 8.25 inches tall.  Price:  $425



Knife Box: This knife box has great paint decoration and a heart handle.  It is 13 inches wide.  Price:  $750



Black Hawk Weathervane: This black hawk weathervane is the smallest size made at 26 inches long.  It has great patina.  Price:  $2800



Half Model of Boat: This half model is of the Dennis Lynch and is in great paint.  Notice the figure at the stern.  Price:  $1600




Family Record: This watercolor-on-paper family record has a lot of charm.  It is 12.5 inches by 16.5 inches in the frame.  Price:  $495






American Sampler: This American schoolgirl sampler, with its house, trees and bird, has a lot going for it. It was embroidered by Margaret Stout in 1821 and is 13.5 inches by 14 inches in the frame.  Price:  $495



Treen Bowl: This small wooden bowl has great paint—green over red—and a nice dry surface.  It is 7.5 inches in diameter.  Price:  $675