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To learn more about the following items for sale, please contact me at 603-746-4568 (home), 603-496-7929 (cell), or



Here is a selection of items I have for sale at Keepers Antiques.  Additional individual items are shown below.





Redware Jug: This jug has good form and a strong glaze with good colors.  It is 9 inches tall.  Price:  $ 575




Mortar and Pestle: This wooden mortar and pestle are in their original mustard paint.  Together, they are 7.25 inches tall.  Price:  $750



Diminutive Basket: This little covered basket is a sweet size and is in excellent condition. Notice the red paint.  It is 5.5 inches high.  Price:  $295



Hanging Shelf: This shelf has very graceful whale ends.  It is 34 inches tall.  Price:  $450



Redware Brick Dated 1885: This redware brick in the shape of a bible is an interesting piece of folk art.  It is 6.75 inches tall.  Price:  $195




Commemorative Chair – Wedding of Charles and Diana: This very delicate set of hand-carved chairs is number 5 of a limited set of 50 made by John Hodgson to commemorate the marriage of Charles and Diana in 1981.  The case is 7.25 inches wide and 5.25 inches wide and deep.  Price: $295





Crib Quilt: This crib quilt is in great condition and has a very striking pattern with its indigo blue and white pieces.  It is 37.5 by 35 inches.  Price:  $395



Two-Sided Gameboard: This early gameboard has its original red, blue, and black paint.  Notice the amount of shrinkage between the board and the breadboard ends.  The dimensions are 16 by 16 inches.  Price:  $750




Family Record: This watercolor-on-paper record of the Lansing family dates from 1780 to 1895.  It is 16.5 by 13 inches framed.  Price:  $495





Sampler in Original Frame: This early sampler has a lot of detail with its delightful border and a pastoral scene at the bottom.  It is 21 inches by 22 inches in the frame. Light areas are just a reflection on the glass. Price:  $450