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To learn more about the following items for sale, please contact me at 603-746-4568 (home), 603-496-7929 (cell), or



Here is a selection of items I have for sale at Keepers Antiques.  Additional individual items are shown below.






Carved Soap Dish: This footed soap dish has lots of style for a humble hand-carved object.  It is 5.25 inches long and 2.75 inches high.  SOLD




Ash Burl Bowl: This turned burl bowl has great proportions and nice burl.  It is 7.7 inches in diameter.  Price:  $1550



Sliding Lid Box: This wonderful little wooden box is in its original red paint and is only 8 inches long including the carved handle at the end of the lid.   Price:  $395


(Picture to be supplied as soon as I can – Sorry, Sue)


Early Dated Bowl: This hand-carved wooden bowl was signed (BOS) and dated (1826) by its maker.  It is 9.25 inches long.  Price:  $450




Carved Eagles: This is a wonderful pair of carved wooden eagles.  Each is 10 inches long.  Price:  $1275




ChildŐs Decorated Sled: This wonderful little sled is in pristine condition.  It is 21 inches long.  Price:  $695




Warming Pan: This early warming pan has a great painted handle.  It is 45 inches long.  Price:  $395




Double Slate: This folding school slate retains its original green paint and has a lead pencil attached by a string.  It is 14 inches by 10 inches when folded shut.  Price:  $195



Theorem on Paper: This very appealing watercolor theorem is 17 inches by 15 inches framed.  Price:  $450




Stoneware Churn: This churn, made by Haxston and Co, Fort Edward, NY, is in excellent condition and is beautifully decorated.  The stoneware is 15 inches tall.  Price:  $775